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Writing A Cv

3 Tips to Write a Standout CV in 2022

2021 has been a hard year for many working Australians. Whether you've lost your job, lost hours, or are simply looking for a change; the first thing you'll need in job applications is a standout curriculum vitae (CV).

How can you make sure your CV stands out from the tens, if not hundreds of other CVs that the employer or recruiter will see? At TRS Resourcing, our expertise is connecting job seekers with leading Australian businesses, and we know exactly what employers are looking for. We'll help you craft a resume that is targeted, succinct, and highlights your unique skills. Read more about us here.

Industries across Australia are recovering from Covid-19 and need skilled workers to fill open positions. 2022 could be the year you land your dream job, and a winning CV will give you the best chance for success.

Although resumes vary widely between jobs (a welder CV and an accountant CV would look very different), there are some general guidelines that apply to any occupation. Here are 3 updated tips to write a standout CV from the labour hire specialists at TRS.

1. Go for a strong start

With the amount of CVs hiring managers and recruiters receive day in and day out, you can’t really blame them for not reading every single word. That’s why it’s crucial you start off strong and stand out straight away.

Blue collar applicants should consider writing a summary outlining the skills and credentials the labour hire manager is seeking

What should you include in this summary?

  • Your professional or trade specialty

  • Relevant certifications, licences and/or permits

  • Important skills that reflect industry keywords

  • Years of experience in the industry

  • The machinery and/or equipment you are capable of operating

  • Any of your top career accomplishments

2. Make magic of the middle

A strong start in your CV will encourage the hiring manager or recruiter to keep reading. So, the middle of your CV is now your opportunity to make your skills and accomplishments shine. A creative CV that still addresses your relevant work history, and unique experience, will help you stand out.

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself these questions (and put the answers in your CV):

  • Have I won any awards for your previous work performance?

  • Have I trained any new employees?

  • Which strategies have I suggested and implemented that enhanced efficiency and/or productivity?

  • Is my reputation known for reliability? Anything else impressive?

Some of us struggle to talk ourselves up, however it’s important that a CV is essentially a marketing piece of yourself! Check out these examples of Good and Bad CVs on Seek.

3. Get your resume past the robots reading it

We are in the age of Artificial Intelligence, and 2022 will continue to see AI take up human roles. Hiring managers rarely read every CV that crosses their desk, and use applicant tracking systems for initial screening.. With increasingly sophisticated technologies at their disposal, companies use AI to scan for specific keywords and skills listed in the job description before giving a CV the green light to move forward in the application process.

How can you make sure that your CV makes it through to the next stage? Address the requirements listed in the job ad directly, and state how you possess these skills. The AI will likely scan for these non-negotiable aspects of the role first, and if you haven't mentioned them, your CV may not make it to human eyes. Includ'ing industry-specific keywords can also help you get ahead.
Learn more about what the AI is looking for with this article by the NY Times on the AI resume filter.

Final Tips

A CV should be clean, clear and concise…with no strange fonts or colours. Do this by using plain English that gets your point across quickly.

Finally, proofread for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Spellcheck and Grammarly can help here. Also, having someone else read over your CV will give you any important feedback, a fresh pair of eyes can often pick up mistakes you'd otherwise miss.

Don’t shy away from including soft skills on your CV, especially if you can give concrete examples of how you have used these skills. Almost every job requires a level of communication and collaboration, and if you can demonstrate your ability in these areas, you will appear as a strong candidate.

You can also create your resume using a resume builder or resume template online. This way, it is easy to choose a professional and clean looking resume format, that you can add your personal statement to. TRS offers free CV and Cover Letter templates, which you can access below. Our CV builder is particularly suited as a skilled trades resume template.

TRS Resourcing are here for job seekers

TRS Resourcing are the labour hire specialists in Melbourne and Perth, here to help you secure the best blue-collar position for your skillset. If you've never used a recruitment agency before, read are our top 10 Reasons to Use the Services of Recruitment Agency. We believe in human relationships as the backbone of good employment practice, and our expert Recruitment Consultants work with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Feeling stuck with your CV? Writing your own CV, formatting the layout, and checking grammar and spelling can be a time consuming task. If you’re looking for:

  • Engineering cv template

  • Manufacturing cv template

  • Trades cv template

Or a template for any other industry, we’ve got you covered.

We’re so committed to connecting the right companies with the right candidates and the right roles, that we’ve created a custom-built CV Generator. Simply fill in your previous work experience and qualifications to create your personalised CV / Resume. Our CV builder is an easy and quick blue collar CV template to fill in, giving you a professional CV to put on your job applications.

​​Need a Cover Letter too? Use our Cover Letter generator to put you ahead of the competition. In less than 5 minutes create a well-written, professional letter to send to potential employers. Our cover letter template is easy to use: simply fill in the blanks and receive a custom cover letter emailed straight to you.

Build your job search skills by reading What to wear to an interview, How to write a cover letter, and How to apply for Apprenticeships.

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Job searching is an exhausting process that requires much patience. It's essential to be thorough in your research and application to have the best chance of success when it comes time for interviews or selection committees to evaluate applications! TRS Recruitment team has put together a 2022 Job Seekers Guide for Job Searching here

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