Cover Letter Generator

Cover Letter Generator

Online Cover Letter Generator

Create a unique cover letter in minutes with our free cover letter generator. Tailored to suit your industry and experience, our cover letter builder is fast and easy to use. Cover letters are an essential part of any job application; our free template will help you present a professional, well-written and targeted application to potential employers.

Enter your details into our online tool and we'll generate a custom cover letter which you will receive via email as a pdf. You can then print it out, or save it to your computer.

Applying for multiple jobs?

You can use our Cover Letter generator as many times as you need. Simply enter the name of the company and role you are applying to each time, and increase your chance of receiving a job interview.

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No CV? No Problem!

Every job application requires an up-to-date CV or resume. You can create a new CV here with our free CV generator.



​Want to know more about job applications?

Give yourself the best chance at securing a new job by reading our online resources on How to write a cover letter,What to Wear to an Interview, and Tips for a Standout CV. Good Luck in your Job Search!

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