10 reasons to use a recruitment agency

10 Reasons to Use the Services of a Recruitment Agency

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​10 Reasons to Use the Services of a Recruitment Agency

why use a recruitment agency

Have you seen a job ad on Seek posted by a recruitment agency? Australian businesses are turning to job agencies more than ever to find employees. Applying to jobs through a recruitment company can help you land your dream job faster, and have your skills be recognised by more potential employers.

At TRS Resourcing, we are guided by our Mission: To empower people to unlock their potential and facilitate job security, whilst exceeding the needs of growing Australian industries.

When you apply for a job through TRS, you can be assured of a professional, honest service from our expert Recruitment Team. If you've never used a recruitment agency in Melbourne or Perth before, keep reading to learn how it works and how you could find your next job today.

The top 10 reasons why you should consider using a recruitment agency to find work

1) Access to More Job Openings Sooner
When you use a job agency, your resume will be in front of companies hiring before the positions are posted online. TRS has strong relationships with businesses across Western Australia and Victoria who use us to find candidates to fill open positions. That means you can get an edge on other job seekers and be the first in line for consideration.

2) It's Free

Recruitment is Free

You don't pay us to help you find a job, our Recruitment service is completely free. When you apply to a job through TRS, you will go through a similar screening process as you would applying directly to a company.

3) Expertise in job seeking and job placement
Job agencies like TRS work to understand your career goals and match you with job opportunities that fit those goals. Our Recruitment Consultants have extensive experience helping job seekers find the right job. They know how to match your skills and personality with the right company and role. We have a wide network of employers who we will contact on your behalf to find the best job for you.

job seeking and job placement

3) Guidance from an experienced Recruitment Consultant
Our Recruitment Consultants have combined experience of over 20 years in the recruitment industry. We know what it takes to land a job and what skills employers are looking for.
A Recruitment Consultant from our team will guide you through the application and interview stages all the way through to onboarding for your new position if you are successful. If you are not chosen for the role you have initially applied for, our team will recommend you for suitable roles in the future that you may not have otherwise known about.

Read the testimonials of job seekers who have secured employment with TRS here.

5) Feedback you can trust
When you are looking for a job, it can be hard to know which aspects of your CV, cover letter, and interview are working in your favour (or against you). You can rely on feedback from our Recruitment Team, who have years of experience hiring staff and know exactly what employers are looking for.

6) Confidentiality
All information disclosed to TRS is kept confidential between you and our team.

confidence in recruitment

7) Improved CV and Interview Skills
Many job seekers don't know where to start putting together a resume or preparing for an interview. When you use a recruitment agency, you can expect to learn useful skills that will help you find work in the future.

Check out our free CV generator, or learn more about what to wear to an interview, how to write a cover letter, and how to apply for apprenticeships.

8) Save Time
Once we have your CV and details, we can recommend you to companies as soon as positions are available. We take the stress and time applying for jobs off your shoulders so you can stay focused on your next career step. Being on a job search in Melbourne can be time-consuming, so let us do some of the paperwork for you.

9) Easy Digital Onboarding Process
The paperwork that comes with a new job can often take more time than the application itself. With our fully online onboarding and document sign procedure, the process is easy and streamlined. You'll be ready to start your new job in no time.

Free CV Generator

10) Access to More Jobs than Any Other Way
It's simple: with more jobs available to you, there's a higher chance of securing a role. We have new positions arising weekly, with growing demand for blue-collar workers across Australia. We pride ourselves on finding the right people for any workplace, so your unique skills and qualifications could make you the perfect fit.

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Starting your job search in Perth or Melbourne? Your next full time job could be with one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies.

Find a job today by viewing our Jobs page or signing up for Job Alerts with TRS Resourcing’s recruitment agency online!

Contact TRS

As a leading employment agency in Melbourne and Perth, TRS is here to answer any questions you may have about the recruitment process.

To speak with TRS Labour Hire Recruitment Consultants, please contact the following offices:

Labour Hire Melbourne 03 9917 3545
Labour Hire Perth 08 6205 3570


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10 Reasons to use a Recruitment Agency