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Sponsors for Mental Health in Australia

Here at TRS Resourcing, we care a lot about mental health. That's one of the reasons why we continue to be committed sponsors for Mental Health in Australia supporting Homestead For Youth and Thriving in Motion.

We're incredibly committed to making a difference within our communities, and partnering with charities that matter to us is how we can contribute. Sponsoring Mental Health for Homestead For Youth and Thriving in Motion allows us to support two organisations doing vital work in mental health.

We're grateful to be able to support their important work.

Homestead For Youth, an organisation committed to empowering young people at risk (and their families) by providing residential services, mentoring, counselling, holistic and innovative therapies, and psychology care in the homely setting of their Meelon farm.

Thriving in Motion, which offers physical activity programmes for children to build strong + Healthy Young People Through Exercise.

By sponsoring these charities, we hope to make a positive contribution to improving young people's lives in need of mental health support.

Homestead for Youth Sponsored by TRS Resourcing

Homestead for Youth is changing lives for families and their children with innovative, hands on therapy in a farm home setting, making a difference in youth mental health.

Through their residential services, holistic therapies, psychology care in a homely setting at their Meelon Farm, H4Y empowers young people at risk by providing them with mentoring programs to help build on life skills.


Visit H4Y Website Here

​"Play a part in changing the story on youth suicide."

Thriving in Motion

In order to achieve this we aim to:

  • Improve physical and mental health outcomes through evidence-based exercise programs for kids & young people

  • Increase family, community and health professional knowledge of exercise and it's role in health

Provide & support opportunities for all kids & young people to experience a positive exercise environment

Thriving in Motion


"Building Strong + Healthy Young People Through Exercise"

TRS Resourcing cares about your mental health.  We have you covered. Get the support you need with TRS Resourcing


Supporting Mental Health