Benefits of using a Labour Hire Company

Seven Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies

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Benefits Of Labour Hire Companies

Do you need staff? Perhaps it’s time to engage with a labour hire company?

You may be debating whether to use a labour hire company or recruit yourself. Hundreds of labour hire agencies will appear if you Google the best labour hire companies in Melbourne or Perth. But why is it better to use a labour hire service to fill temporary and permanent blue-collar roles than to recruit yourself?

Read these seven benefits of using a professional recruitment and labour hire company which may help you make your decision easier.

Seven Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies


The National Skills Commission recently reported labour market tightness, with severe skill shortages in some areas. Skilled trades workers are particularly in demand, with 42% of Technician and Trade Occupations currently in shortage. Finding staff in this labour market can take the time that your company doesn't have. If you decide to use a recruitment or labour hire company, you can have staff placed as quickly as within 24 hours.

The size of our candidate database allows us to reach out to potential employees on your behalf without waiting for job ads to appear. And to top it off, recruitment companies take care of the payroll, staff benefits, taxes and other time consuming but necessary legal and financial activities. We'll take care of everything related to recruiting, so you don't have to worry about it.


According to 2019 research discussed in the industry leading online magazine, the Human Resources Director, it typically costs $18,982 to hire a new staff member. And if that employee is a manager or executive, that cost skyrockets to $34,440.

Seven Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies

In addition to these high costs and the loss of productivity, having no one fulfilling that role for 68 days is a loss. The training and upskilling of new staff - estimated by People Keep to cost $20,000 – that’s a staggering loss of $73,000 to replace one employee.

Labour hire companies are a cost effective way to staff a business, especially when compared to traditional methods, like advertising on job boards. The costs of advertising a vacant position, interviewing, and selecting the right candidate can be significantly high. There are costs associated with a new employee, such as super, payroll tax, holiday pay and workers’ compensation. Your business is not responsible for these costs when you use a labour hire company.

Using economies of scale, labour hire companies can fill casual, seasonal, and permanent roles at a fraction of the cost.. When the candidate isn't the right fit, we can find a replacement quickly, making the transition as smooth and cost effective as possible.


Seven Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies

Recruitment agencies have one job – to find the best people to fill a company’s open positions. Due to their focus on recruitment, labour hire services have refined their recruitment methods over time and can weed out poor performers early on.

These experienced approaches to recruitment don’t just assess each candidate’s skills. The experiences and licences; science-based assessments understanding each person’s work ethic, safety mindset and fit with different company cultures are also used.

To sum it up, the benefit of using recruiters is that they source high-quality candidates, often through their access to large databases. In addition to finding qualified employees, they find those who will enhance team morale, maintain safety culture, and be loyal brand ambassadors. Working with a recruiter saves time finding candidates to fill long or short-term projects, part-time or full-time roles.

Our dedicated team of TRS Recruitment Consultants have over 20 years of experience combined. They are experts at sourcing quality talent and developing open, trusting relationships with clients. Read our Recruitment Agency Reviews and why TRS is one of the best recruitment agencies in Melbourne and Perth.


The best labour hire companies ensure the staff they provide not only suit the culture of the company but are fully qualified and certified. The benefits of recruitment are evident when candidates come with thorough screening and background checks. When looking for skilled labour, particularly in mining, manufacturing and warehouse or logistics industries, note that all staff supplied by labour hire companies should have:

  • Confirmed WHS inductions or safety training

  • VEVO work checks to ensure the right to work in Australia

  • Relevant licences such as forklift licences, HR Driver’s Licence and Working at Heights tickets should be up to date

Seven Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies

At TRS Resourcing our Recruitment experts use WorkPro. Workpro is a national service that regularly updates the personnel documentation and management systems to align with the latest workplace standards and legislation. In addition to upskilling our staff in the latest technologies and processes, the software ensures they always adhere to the highest safety standards.

Labor hire companies are there to provide businesses with the security and peace of mind that any personnel supplied are reliable, qualified, licensed, and ready to work. Whether they are welders, diesel mechanics, mechanical fitters, driller offsiders or commercial spray painters.


Seven Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies

Why use a labour hire service when internal recruitment is an option? And how do you know which labour hire companies to trust? The top labour hire and recruitment companies Australia wide are recognised nationally and in the industry through several different certifications.

RCSA, the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industries in Australia and New Zealand, developed StaffSure Certification. Its purpose is to reduce the legal risk for companies hiring labour, assure the integrity of hiring firms, and highlight reputable labour hire providers.

TRS Resourcing is a proud member of the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Associa

tion (RSCA). RSCA corporate membership enables labour hire companies to access the latest business tools, global research, and current statistics to assist them in filling staffing positions. To be a member, the labour hire agency must uphold the ethical principles and industry standards that Australian corporations abide by – ensuring integrity in resourcing.

Internal resourcing cannot always access the latest and best tools and research, making the hiring process costly and time consuming. So why risk outdated recruitment methods when a certified labour hire agency such as TRS can be used instead.


Seven Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies

Qualified, experienced staff are in high demand in 2022, with many businesses struggling to find the needed staff. At TRS, we understand that a company’s staffing needs are constantly changing.
The marketplace demands, the ebb and flow of projects, and annual or seasonal fluctuations… all these things can impact a company’s staffing requirements. Some businesses may only require extra staff for a specific project they undertake every few years. In other cases, they might need to supplement their team due to an increase in workload or absentees. Using a labour hire company to staff your business can help you find the right employees for your needs.

Experienced, flexible staff who can be deployed at short notice to cover annual leave, busy periods or special projects. And when the project is completed, or the work slows down again, staff numbers can be easily reduced. The flexibility of labour hire allows businesses to match their changing staffing needs and seek permanent placements when the need arises.


Seven Benefits of Using Labour Hire Companies

Recruiting the best talent for general and skilled labour roles can be challenging. With Australia-wide networks and long-term relationships with employers and job seekers, recruitment companies can source the best candidates quickly and reliably. Letting a labour hire service take on the recruitment process saves time, gives access to specialist expertise, and connects to global recruitment pools through NPAWorldwide membership. This is an invaluable asset that many small recruiting teams cannot access alone.


It’s all these reasons and more why you can rely on TRS Resourcing to reduce your labour costs. We offer tailored recruitment solutions in Melbourne and Perth so you can find the staff you need today.
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