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​At TRS Resourcing, we take what we do very seriously, so we hold multiple certifications, memberships and accreditations using only the most reputable, ethical, and industry recognised corporations.

The most reputable Recruitment Agency Melbourne is talking about for their staffing needs because TRS is a certified, ethical, and industry recognised recruitment service.

StaffSure Certified

StaffSure Certified

TRS are StaffSure certified and partnered with a recognised and reputable Certification Scheme with a sound reputation for sourcing and supplying professional staff. This is a benefit for workers wanting to find reputable Workforce Service Providers with confidence they will be treated well and receive entitlements.

As a StaffSure Certified agency, we uphold business integrity with a proven commitment to the protection of workers and professionals. 


Members of the NPAworldwide Recruitment Network

NPA Worldwide Member

As members of the NPAworldwide Recruitment Network, we’re proudly connected with premier global recruitment agencies.

NPAworldwide has been serving businesses since 1956 and specialises in recruiting and headhunting. This membership helps us to globally expand our networking capabilities which ensures that we always have something to offer our clients.

We’re up to date on all upcoming networking events that are pivotal for the progression of recruiting businesses and able to recruit remotely from anywhere in the world.


​​RCSA Corporate Members

RCSA Corporate Member

We’re also proud to be accredited by RCSA, and hold a corporate membership that gives us access to all the essential business tools, global research and statistics that benefit the longevity of our work with clients.

RCSA also provides us with the correct ethical practices and industry standards that every Australian and New Zealand corporation must comply with.


Industry Capability Network (ICN)

ICN Member

As part of the Industry Capability Network, we’re regularly introduced to Australian businesses and notified of current and upcoming large-scale projects via a sophisticated search service, so we’re always on the lookout for new candidates.

View the PDF version of the TRS Resourcing Industry Capability Statement with the ICN Network

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Member

TRS Resourcing is a member of the Victorian Chamber and is here for your business. Offering assistance within the management of health and safety workplace relations. With tailored solutions to help your business succeed...


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