You lost your job - now what?

You lost your job in 2022 - now what?

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Revised guide for loosing your job in 2022

You lost your job in 2022 – now what?

Nobody wants to lose their job unexpectedly, but it happens more often than we all would like to think. A job provides income stability, a sense of purpose, skillset building and professional networking. If you’re suddenly without work due to no fault of your own, it can cause a lot of stress, anger and hopelessness. You can let losing your job get you down in the dumps, or you can prepare yourself to find another job more suited for you. As Australians recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Future Outlook for many industries is hopeful, and there are opportunities available for job seekers across the country.

Want to know what to do after losing your job? TRS Resourcing is here to help you. Our expert TRS Recruitment team has helped hundreds of job seekers find a role that is suited to their unique skills and experience.

Allow yourself to feel – but don’t let it consume you​

lost your job now what?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to cry. It’s also okay to acknowledge and feel every emotion under the sun (and not just the warm, fuzzy ones). What is important though, is moving on once you’ve allowed yourself to feel. You don’t have to be searching for Seek jobs the very next day, but you do want to start planning your next career steps as soon as you are able.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Talk to a mentor, career coach or therapist about any struggles stemming from losing your job

  • Remember that you’re much more than your job – while a job and a career is important to many people, it doesn’t make you who you are

  • Be kind to yourself and don’t blame yourself for situations out of your control, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Remind yourself that being unemployed doesn’t have to be permanent. The current health crisis and its effects on the economy aren’t permanent and this bumpy, uncertain path isn’t either. You can always upskill, apply for other positions and pivot yourself to adapt

Having feelings is normal – even the bad ones, especially if you lose the stability of employment. Don’t let these emotions consume your daily life. Instead, consider talking to a recruitment agency about finding your next role.

Invest in up-skilling

An old saying is: ‘it takes money to make money,’ and while it may seem counterintuitive to spend some dollars without your regular paycheck, it could actually help you in the long term.

Here’s what you can do: Enrol in one or a few professional courses, online or in-person, to not only have something to do, but to market yourself better in your next job interview. There are many online courses now that are cheap or completely free - use this time wisely to invest in your professional skills and development.

how to budget when lost job

If you've considered a career change but never had significant time off to make the switch, you should also consider going back to school. Consider your personal circumstances and whether this would be the right move for you, but now could be the perfect time to return to study (you've got nothing to lose!).​

Create a budget - and stick to it!

Losing your job will (finally) force you to take a close look at your finances.

Find a free budgeting worksheet online (there’s plenty of templates out there) and make small sacrifices (such as takeaway dinners, entertainment costs etc.) until you find regular employment again. Don't shy away from honest discussions with your partner about your financial situation, and whether you will need to cut back on spending while you are looking for work.

look to the future

Look to the future with TRS Resourcing

When you’re ready, willing and motivated to find a new job, TRS Resourcing are ready to help. We provide labour hire solutions that work, with exceptional recruitment services in Perth and Melbourne.

​Have you lost your job and don’t know what to do next?

Here are three concrete steps you can take today:

  1. Read TRS Resourcing Recruitment Agency's Job Seeker's Ultimate Guide and download the Ultimate Career Plan, containing extensive guidance and our top tips to job searching in 2022

  2. Brush up your CV and Cover Letter with our free online CV Generator and Cover Letter Generator, which give you a personalised CV template / Cover letter template to use for any job opening

  3. Start applying for relevant jobs on our Jobs page, you've got nothing to lose and could land the next fulfilling role in your career
    Contact TRS Resourcing to find the next job and chapter in your career

Contact TRS Resourcing to find the next job and chapter in your career

To speak with TRS Labour Hire Recruitment Consultants, please contact the following offices:
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