Working with Road Tankers

Working with Road Tankers

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TRS Working with Road Tankers

Have you ever seen a road tanker drive past you on a highway? These massive trucks are hard to miss, and provide transport jobs across the country.

The transport industry is an integral part of the Australian economy. Our land is vast, and our population wide-spread. In every corner of the country, trucks with tanker trailers haul fuel, food and other goods to uphold supply chains.

At TRS Resourcing, we've developed a trusted relationship resourcing some of the biggest road tanker manufacturers in Australia. We've helped them find tradespeople who have a great work ethic and understanding of safety. When you're dealing with such massive vehicles, it's important to have absolute confidence in the people you hire.

In this blog, we'll explore road tankers in Australia and the businesses that service the transport industry by manufacturing them.

What are Road Tankers?

What are road tankers

There are many different types of road tankers, including stainless steel tankers, dry bulk tankers, aluminium tankers, chemical tankers and bunded fuel tanks. Some carry petrol while others carry diesel or kerosene for jet engines. There are even Road Tankers that carry radioactive material.

Road tankers can also be used to transfer other liquids such as water or milk. These tankers are called 'bulk tankers'. Bulk tankers are usually used to transport water to construction sites or airports where a large amount is required. Road tankers come in different sizes often carrying thousands of litres of cargo.

Fuel tankers deliver petrol and diesel to service stations, airports, construction sites or wherever there are machines that need fuel. Without fuel all driving, construction and flying would stop.

Since petrol and diesel are flammable liquids, fuel storage devices must be built to high standards of safety. All manholes and inspection hatches need to be checked for damage, all hoses need to be in good condition and securely fastened so there are no leaks. The tank itself needs to be free of any debris or sharp edges. There also needs to be enough room inside the tank for the fuel to expand in warm weather. The engineering of tankers that are safe and efficient for transport is an art in itself.

  • Most road tankers have two manned positions, the driver and the person who operates the pump. The driver steers the tanker and controls the speed while the other person operates the pump. Some road tankers, especially the larger ones, have a computer that controls the pump so the operator can stay in the cab.

  • Tanks are tested for leaks using a system called an 'integrity test'. This test uses compressed air to make sure there are no cracks or holes in the tank.

Who builds Road Tankers?

From design to build to maintenance, the construction of world-class fuel tankers in Australia requires skilled workers at every step. Some of the tradespeople TRS supply to build fuel tankers are:

who builds road tankers
  • Boilermaker

  • Fabricator

  • Mechanical Fitter

  • Welder (Trade and Non Trade)

  • Commercial Spray Painter

  • Aluminium Metal Polisher

  • Auto Electrician

  • Diesel Mechanic

  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics Fitter

  • Truck Trailer Fitter

  • Sheet Metal Worker

  • Trades Assistant

  • Manufacturing Labourer

The Transport industry is one of the biggest employers in Australia, and a great place to get your foot in the door for a long-lasting career.

TRS Proudly Supporting Australian Businesses

Want to know more about the installation and construction of fuel tanker technology in Australia?

We supply labour to two of Victoria's most trusted road tanker manufacturers: Tieman Tankers and Liquip. Our valued industry clients regularly seek to fill welding jobs and boilermaker jobs with the help of TRS and our specialised recruitment knowledge.

Our valued client Liquip is a specialist Road Tanker equipment installer and parts distributor.

For more information on Liquip, head over to their official website, or take a virtual tour of Liquip Victoria - The Home of Fuelcraft in Melbourne.

Tieman Tankers are designers and builders of high quality aluminium, dry bulk and stainless steel tankers. They have been successfully and reliably servicing our nation for over 65 years.

Discover the TRS difference with a behind the scenes scope into Tieman Tanker's workshop and operations below.

We support our clients with highly skilled transport & welding professionals who enjoy working on all aspects of the industry from design to installation to maintenance.

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