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​How to Write a Resignation Letter

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​How to Write a Resignation Letter

Have you ever needed to resign from a job? Whether it's because they’ve found a new job or are just needing a change, almost everyone resigns from a position at some point in their life. It can be challenging to communicate your intent to resign to your employer, but you can ensure you leave on a positive note by using a letter as formal notification.

When leaving any job, it's essential to do so in a professional manner. In Australia resignation letters are the standard way of notifying your employer that you’ll be leaving your role. It's also practical to put your intentions in writing and specify the date of your last day of work to avoid any miscommunication with your employer. That's where the resignation letter comes in.

A resignation letter should be polite and concise. It should state the reason for resigning and the date that the employee will be leaving. You should also include a sentence thanking your employer for the opportunity to work at the business. You can give a printed copy to your employer or type up a resignation email in Australia, just make sure that you keep a copy for your records.

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Here are our tips to write a letter of resignation:

Give sufficient notice

First, always give your employer notice. Even if you're unhappy at your job, it's best to give your employer proper notice before quitting. Being specific about your last day of employment in your letter gives your employer the information they need to find a replacement for your role, and will be appreciated.
If you're not sure how much notice is required, whether its one day or four weeks notice, be sure to ask or carefully read your employment contract. You can also check out the Fair Work Ombudsman's website on resigning & notice.

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State your intentions clearly

You need to clearly state your intention to resign in the letter. Ensure that your employer knows that you are leaving and when you intend your last day to be. An Australian resignation letter should be clear and concise so that your employer can make sufficient preparations for your departure.

Even if you've verbally indicated your intent to leave to your employer and team members, it's best to have everything in writing. That way, if there are any disputes about your final days and you need to produce records for HR departments, you have them. You can use your formal resignation as an official document to support you in this situation. We hope that miscommunication never happens, but it's always best to be prepared for any scenario.

Don't burn bridges

You may need to contact your former employer in the future for a reference or other unforeseen reasons.

Even if you've had a negative experience with them, keep the resignation professional. Hand in your formal notice politely, for example, by saying, “please accept this letter of resignation”. Don't say anything negative about your former employer or co-workers when you resign - save any negative comments for when you're at home sipping a glass of wine.

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Proofread your letter

Handing in notice letters containing spelling and grammar mistakes will make you appear careless. Put in the time to carefully proofread and edit your writing before sending it to your employer. Address the letter properly, make sure the layout is consistent, and especially avoid spelling your employer's name or business name wrong.

Final Tips

When writing a resignation letter, be sure to:

  • Be polite and concise

  • State your intention to resign

  • Include the date that you will be leaving

  • Express your appreciation for working in the role

For more tips, check out Seek's article on How to write a resignation letter. You can also find helpful advice at Indeed's Tips, Templates and Examples. These resignation letter examples are an excellent starting point for writing your own.

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Resignation Letter Templates

Here's a short sample of the key points you might include in your resignation letter:

  • Dear ____________,

  • I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position at ____________ effective ____________.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to work here. I have enjoyed my time at ____________, but I have decided to pursue other opportunities.

  • Sincerely, ____________.

There are hundreds of great resignation letter templates on the internet. We recommend you start by checking out the letter of resignation template on Seek and the government's Fair Work website.

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How to write a resignation letter

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