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The future of the blue collar workforce in Australia

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Blue Collar Workforce

​Industry Spotlight: The future of the blue collar workforce in Australia

The future of the non-office setting workforce is not 100% known, but what is known is these trained staff are a valuable necessity to Australia’s economy.
As a nation, we would suffer without our manufacturers, miners and truck drivers to name but a few.

You might be looking to hire staff in the blue collar sector, or you’re a technical-blue collar worker looking for your next role.

Either way, it’s worth knowing what lies ahead for the future of blue collar in Australia.

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Blue-collar workers – who are they?

Blue-collar workers are those who are employed in manual labour work.

Often attributed as unskilled workers, this is far from the case. In fact, blue-collar workers form the foundation of industrialisation, in history, in the present and into the future.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic placed the pink-collar workforce under the strain of protecting the most vulnerable in society. Pink-collar generally refers to care related fields, traditionally thought of as women’s roles.

It also caused the loss of thousands of blue collar and white collar jobs. However, many of those white collar workers who typically work in an office environment were able to continue from home.

It took a world health crisis for many to realise the necessity of the blue-collar workforce, because working from home simply isn’t possible for technical blue-collar work.

Jobs that require physical abilities and hands-on work will always be an important part of our economic landscape. The working class keep Australia running.

So, what’s in store for the blue-collar industry now, and our future in resourcing, state and national frameworks?

Blue collar workforce in australia

What does the future of the blue collar workforce look like?

In late 2020, the Australian Government in partnership with the National Skills Commission published “The shape of Australia’s post COVID-19 workforce.”

It clearly read out that although unavoidable and significant adverse effects hurt the Australian job market, clear signs of improvement are on the way.

What do the statistics show?

  • More than 553,000 unemployed Australians have come back into the workforce from September 2020 to February 2021.

  • This is a big, welcomed bounce back for the blue-collar workforce (especially manual laborers, cleaners, factory/assembly line workers, machine operators and truck drivers)

    Lockdown or not, the Australian government recognises the importance and necessity of the blue-collar workforce as the key driving force behind our nation’s future growth.

Competitive wages to combat skill shortages

With the reliance on a blue-collar workforce to not only keep the economy going but enhance it – it makes sense that these positions should attract competitive renumeration.

As such, here are 7 in-demand blue collar jobs in Australia:

1. Assembly line workers – a great entry-level job into the blue-collar workforce.
2. Carpenters – a highly-sought after, skilled role.
3. Electricians – averaging an hourly wage of $75.71.
4. Manufacturing roles – mechanical engineers can expect a salary of just shy of $70,0000 whereas an operations manager could earn around $93,553.
5. Mining roles – workers typically have the capacity to earn up to $118,000 annually, but there’s a definite skills shortage for mining roles.
6. Plumbers – are in demand across the country.
7. Truck drivers – after all, without trucks, Australia stops.

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