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What do a Recruitment Agency and Insurance Brokers have in common?

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How a Recruitment Agency and Insurance Brokers have more in common than you would think

You may think that a recruitment agency and team of insurance brokers don’t have a great deal in common. Well, it comes to be more than you would think – with TRS Resourcing’s own Managing Director Tavis Shearer and Managing Director of Interlink Insurance Brokers, Tryan Christos here to show you why. Sami Craven, Copywriter and Director of Craven Content, and Claire Ford, Marketing Manager at TRS Resourcing listened in to Tavis and Tryan’s challenges and growth in the past 18 months.

Want to know more about the similarities the two businesses share and what they’re doing to stay ahead of the game in a sustainable way?

Find out in this joint business blog.

Reflecting on the year that changed business

TRS Resourcing and Interlink Insurance faced similar uncertainties in the year that was 2020.

In the first lockdown, Tavis said that TRS Resourcing lost 93% of businesses – almost believing TRS was going out of business, fearing it was unable to be saved. After all, who needs a recruitment agency when all of Australia experienced at least one lockdown?

What is remarkable is that both businesses managed to evolve excessively and successfully over 12 months. With neither still in ‘survival mode’ as countless of other businesses had been from 2020 and even into the present.
Tavis shared that TRS Resourcing as a firm has grown almost 200% within the last 12 months.

Dramatic business growth was too, experienced by Interlink Insurance Brokers said Tryan.

What did TRS Resourcing do when COVID first hit?

Tavis Shearer - Managing Director TRS Resourcing

Tavis and his TRS Resourcing team could have panicked (and best believe there were some uneasy moments), but instead it was decided to be first and foremost, proactive.

So, what did they do? TRS Resourcing cut expenditure and doubled down on marketing efforts. Tavis is a firm believer that you’re only as scalable as the internal systems you have in place for your business. If you don’t have your data points in check, nor do you understand your clients, your business is a disaster waiting to ensue. Every tiny moving part of business needs efficient planning. Tavis and his team, in the year of rethinking and pivoting, re-worked their own internal systems – so when there was an ease or end in sight, they would be prepared.

Technology was and continues to be the way out of this and should be made a priority.


What did Interlink Insurance Brokers do?

Tryan Christos - Managing Director Interlink Insurance Brokers

Similarly, to TRS Resourcing, Interlink Insurance Brokers took on a forward-thinking approach at the beginning and height of the pandemic. Tryan took leadership at the first sight of troubled waters, pulling everybody into a Zoom call. It’s here everyone had a chance to voice their concerns and brainstorm what was going to be done to stay viable, let alone a successful business.

Interlink, a company of Perth insurance brokers had previously relied on legacy systems (aka old and outdated computer systems). It was time for an overhaul, needing everyone to step up and be on board for the process, too.
This Zoom call at the height of COVID motivated the Interlink Insurance team, which saw June 2020 stabilise, and profits continue. Staff were understandably terrified about the reliability and security of their jobs, but management made sure no one was getting stood down.

From July 2020, business has actually boomed, at which point Tryan acknowledged he had to take the foot off the pedal – and say, “let’s focus on service and tech now.”

Our two businesses are more alike than you would think

Tavis suggests Interlink Insurance Brokers and TRS Resourcing are in the same business, regardless of what both businesses sell and provide.
How is this so?

  • Both are customer service focused

  • Both provide valuable solutions

  • Both are in the ‘people business.’

  • Invest in software and technology

  • Have a social media managers and copywriter

Along with this, both businesses listen - Listening is a valuable skill, so too is asking questions. Both businesses ask the all-important ‘why?’ Why have you approached us? It’s always about how they can make it easier for their client.

Are there any challenges?

Tavis articulated the near-constant thought of “what goes up must come down, eventually anyway.”
Yet, if there’s anything he has learnt in his years of business struggles to strengths it’s when you devise, implement and back innovative strategies (for TRS Resourcing, it’s technology and communicating culture and values through socials), you gain the tools to maintain your success.

What is Interlink implementing?

Interlink Insurance Brokers let us in on what they’re implementing to not only remain viable in times of uncertainty but thriving. It has a lot to do with changing up their marketing and sales strategy.

Tryan said: “thankfully, just before COVID!”

He suggests that organic growth is good and makes up a definite percentage, but his business also needs to get out there in the market, picking up more business every year.

Here’s a fun fact: Interlink are (almost) paperless, as well. Going by Tryan’s paperless desk and office, anyway!

Who is the perfect client?

Both Tavis and Tryan have a 3-step process for defining the clients they take on:
What’s important for taking on a client is answering the below:

  1. Can they add value?

  2. Can they make money?

  3. Do they want to serve the client?

Those three things are most important to onboard a client.

How are TRS Resourcing different?

​You can get transactional recruitment from any recruitment company, but the TRS Resourcing difference is the focus on customer service in how employees meet client and candidate needs. The difference is also seen in how TRS Resourcing drive their message through social media platforms.

What Tavis defines as the TRS Resourcing message is simple: “We don’t overpromise, and we don’t underdeliver. We supply labour at a cost-effective price.”

The small and tight-knit TRS Resourcing team are unified in this message, communicating it across social channels.

The TRS Resourcing strategy for the future

As touched on earlier, TRS Resourcing’s strategy for the future is heavily based upon technology. Yes, employees are still being employed, but if it’s fixed with a software solution to complement his recruiters, Tavis will do it.

How are Interlink Insurance Brokers different?

Interlink Insurance Brokers provide more than a quick 3-step questionnaire online to work out the level of coverage clients require. This is possible with the team’s tried and tested experience in accessing the right insurance products for different people and businesses.

By transitioning from legacy systems, Tryan and his team are creating added capacity through technology to engage new and returning clients and maintain business success.

TRS Resourcing and Interlink Insurance Brokers into the future

So, what next for these two not-all-that-different businesses?

Both TRS Resourcing and Interlink Insurance Brokers have experienced substantial growth over the last 18 months, pandemic or not.

Tryan in the past year or so recognised the need to pivot the company website and social strategy, saying goodbye to legacy systems for good.

Watch this space to see it all come to life!

For Tavis, the lessons learned from failure have helped him create a successful business today.

Tavis says: “We don’t learn much from success alone – only that it inflates your ego…Your mission and values are the secret sauce behind what creates a successful business.”

Want to know the best way to put the culture, mission and values of your business out there? Via company social media (Facebook and LinkedIn specifically) to show the public what you’re about. Naturally, you need to remind your employees of your own culture, mission and values too.

What can be learned from this is knowing businesses from different backgrounds, servicing different people and their needs can have more in common than you would think. All businesses have to start somewhere, experiencing struggles and setbacks along the way. However, when you have proactive leadership, a well-valued, all-on board team who are unified in their culture, mission and values, strength will always prevail.

​​You can read more about the Recruitment Industry and learn more insights from the team at TRS Resourcing. From guidance and encouragement to job seekers to support for Australian business owners - we've got you covered.