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The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Career Success

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Emotional intelligence refers to the capability to be aware of, control and express our emotions.

It also encompasses our capacity to handle interpersonal relationships in a wise, but empathetic manner.

So, what does it have to do with our career, and most importantly, our career success?

Not surprisingly, emotional intelligence has a lot to with our careers because, as you know, whether you like it or not, dealing with clients, customers, co-workers, superiors and stakeholders make up much of the day, for many workers.

Want to know more about the relationship between emotional intelligence and career success?

Read more from the labour hire specialists at TRS Resourcingto find out.

Emotional intelligence in the workforce

Did you know according to psychologist Daniel Goleman, having a high emotional intelligence contributes to better job performance and greater overall career success?

There are many positive attributes to people with high emotional intelligence.

These include:

  • Better social skills

  • Self-awareness and self-regulation

  • Efficient leadership qualities

  • Negotiation capacities.

It’s not surprising that these qualities are highly sought-after qualities in job applicantsand necessary to how employees interact in the workforce.

A further look into emotional intelligence:

  • Discerning between different emotions and applying them professionally

  • Using emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour

  • Adapting successfully to different, sometimes difficult (i.e., stressful) situations.

Essentially, employers desire blue collar employeeswho think before they act and don’t let their inability to control their emotions, dictate their behaviours in the workplace.

How can employees and employers improve their emotional intelligence?

Improving one’s own emotional intelligence in the workplace and life in general should be a priority.

After all, there are so many benefits that lead to greater potential for career growth and sustained career success:

  • Establishing, building and maintaining good working relationships

  • Leadership qualities

  • Avoidance of emotional outbursts

  • Self and social awareness, to name a few.

Anyone can work to develop their emotional intelligence. Becoming self-aware is the first and greatest challenge to start with. This is where you identify and understand your emotions, how they influence your behaviour and know how you can regulate them for the better.

Also ask for feedback from your co-workers, asking them how they honestly think how you react to different situations. We can all ask for and give constructive feedback and respond thoughtfully, not reactively.

TRS Resourcing are here to help

As a blue-collar recruitment agency in Perth and Melbourne, TRS Resourcingknow a thing or two about emotional intelligence. We know how to assess applicants based on not just their skillset, but their experience in handling different and potentially difficult situations.

We take labour hire in Perth and Melbourneseriously, matching the best applicant for the best role, every time.

Understanding and improving emotional intelligence is everybody’s business. By working on your own, you’re setting the steppingstones ahead towards your very own career success.

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TRS Resourcing cares about your mental health. 

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