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Recruitment and Labour Hire; What you should know

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Recruitment and Labour Hire: What You Should Know

There's no doubt that recruitment is a vital part of any business. After all, without the right staff in place, it would be impossible to get work done! But what exactly is recruitment? And what should you know about it if you're thinking of hiring someone?

Hiring through a trusted recruitment agency such as TRS Resourcing can help your business fulfil its staffing needs. A tailored recruitment solution can also save your business time and money. It is often more efficient and less stressful than hiring directly, especially if there is a high demand for the specific skills you are seeking.

Keep reading to find out the most important things you should know about Recruitment and Labour Hire in Australia.


Good recruiters

To be a good recruiter, you must have impeccable communication and people skills. It is a recruiter’s job to communicate for a living; they must first talk to the client who needs staff to understand what they need, and then they will speak with many possible candidates. TRS Recruitment consultants understand that honest and respectful communication attracts the best potential candidates for any position. This includes expertise in job posting, social media and human resources skills. Our team knows that people are the backbone of Australian business, and work closely with clients to ensure the process of hiring new workers is as smooth as possible.

Recruiters want to communicate efficiently because they want to build a trustworthy relationship with clients by first providing them with dedicated staff. At TRS, we value the close relationships we have built with clients across Melbourne and Perth, and are committed to a transparent recruitment process built on open communication.

flexible jobs


If you're looking for hiring flexibility, using a labour hire company could be the right move. Your business will be provided with employees with the right job skills and experience who can be either temporary or permanent staff. Clients often have a quick job that they need to get completed by professional staff with fast turnkey onboarding, for example in industries that need extra trades workers for shutdowns. There are a range of options for labour hire staff at TRS - including casual, short contract and permanent. We generally supply staff on a contract to permanent basis, working closely with clients to choose the best option for them.


Recruiting is a highly competitive industry, which is excellent for clients. In 2016 there were over 7000 labour recruitment firms in Australia, and this number has only grown since. There is only a limited pool of candidates who can fill a position given by a client, and high-quality candidates are often approached by several recruiters at once. Hence, it is essential for labour hire firms to focus on their marketing and brand awareness as much as they concentrate on headhunting. Recruiters remain liable for the candidates, including and not limited to; worker’s insurance costs and superannuation.

At TRS, we believe a successful recruitment company should connect businesses with quality personnel through continued best practices, trust and expertise. We provide a seamless sourcing and onboarding process with honesty, integrity and continued support for both clients and candidates. Read our Labour Hire Checklist and make sure you are getting the most from your chosen recruitment agency.


A good Recruitment agency will work with you to the highest ethical standards. They will always prioritise:

  • Honest communication

  • Work health and safety

  • Fulfilling the job description with the highest quality candidate

  • Transparency of costs

  • Building lasting connections

  • Facilitating job security

When you work with TRS Resourcing, you can be assured to receive an ethical service. To find out more about how TRS recruitment can work with your business to provide a complete recruitment solution, visit our Client page

experts in recruitment


Engaging an expert in Recruitment and Labour Hire helps your business get ahead in finding strong candidates with the right work experience and technical skills. It can be a huge setback when a new hire doesn’t fit your team culture or possess transferable skills to complete their new duties. When this happens, your time and money are spent going back to the drawing board and advertising the position again. With a recruitment company, even if this happens your loss is minimised and a new employee with the right key skills and communication skills relevant to the job will quickly be found.

The TRS Difference is over 20 years of experience connecting Australian businesses with qualified staff.

Our Recruitment Consultants personally oversee job applications and work closely with clients to provide the best candidate for each role.

To speak with TRS Labour Hire Recruitment Consultants please contact the following offices:

Labour Hire Melbourne 03 9917 3545
Labour Hire Perth 08 6205 3570

View our each of our Recruitment Managers here on LinkedIn: Tavis Shearer and George Mann


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