Recruitment and Labour Hire


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Recruiting has been around since the time of the Roman Empire and Egyptians and became used more preveniently during the industrial revolution. During WII, the loss of the majority of the workforce to the war efforts, Recruitment was widely used to fill in the gaps of the workforce. Furthermore, recruiting has become a significant part that runs along almost all working industries to provide companies and businesses with a suitable candidate that they need.


Recruiters are very efficient with communication. It is a recruiter’s job to communicate for a living; they must first talk to the client who needs staff to understand what they need, and then they will speak with many possible candidates. It does not just stop there; the recruiter then must organise an interview with the potential candidates and then get back to the client regarding the candidate that they will think will be appropriate for the role. To be a good recruiter, you must have impeccable communication and people skills. Recruiters want to communicate efficiently and transparently because they want to build a trustworthy relationship with clients by first providing them with honest staff, whether they be casual staff or permanent staff.


Labour hire firms are smart to work with these days. If a client has a quick job that they need to get completed by professional staff with fast turnkey onboarding, then working with labour-hire firms is essential. The flexibility that Labour hire firms will aim to provide clients reduces the stress of acquiring reference checks or background checks. The client will be provided with employees that are professionals in their field that can be temporary staff or permanent staff. Labour hire firms are also very much able to negotiate agreements before contracts are set.


Recruiting is a highly competitive industry, which is excellent for clients. There are many Recruiting firms around the world, all trying to provide clients with the most suited candidates available; this is why it is competitive. There are only so many candidates that can fill a position given by a client, and all the recruiters out there will be searching for them. Hence, it is essential for Labour-hire firms to focus on their marketing and brand awareness as much as they concentrate on headhunting. The competitive aspect is a benefit to clients seeking talented workers because recruiters will try to get the highest, most-experiences candidates for the client to build a reputation for their Labour-hire firm to then be considered when the client needs more Labour. A great thing for clients is that Recruiters remain liable for the candidates, including and not limited to; worker’s insurance costs and superannuation. Recruiters are always trying to find ways to make the onboarding of candidates for clients as easy and stress-free as possible.


Lastly, Labour Hire firms will never try to do you wrong. They are all about building lasting business connections and so they can be very trustworthy. The practices of many Labour hire firms are transparent and ethical, as many of them acquire certificates and memberships that aim to keep them in-check with legal guidelines. There won’t be any hidden cost when working with Recruitment Companies, long story short, they don’t have time to be hiding costs that can later be found and create more work for them down the track. If there are any possible hiccups, recruiters will inform the client promptly, as to get it sorted as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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