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Best blue collar jobs in Australia in 2023

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​Are you looking for a new job or career in Australia?

Knowing where to start your search can be complex with the job market constantly shifting and changing. TRS is here to help.

We've taken the guesswork out of finding the top blue collar jobs available this year and compiled everything into one comprehensive article so that you don't have to search around anymore! Whether you're a professional tradesman or just entering the workforce without prior experience, numerous opportunities are available in all corners of Australia.

Read on to learn more about these highly sought-after roles and how they could benefit your career today!

Blue Collar Jobs in Australia

Overview of the best blue collar roles in Australia

For blue collar workers in Australia, 2023 holds much potential. From entry-level to higher-paying roles, blue collar jobs can be found nationwide with great responsibility, excellent job security and competitive wages. Industries like construction, manufacturing and facilities offer some of the best blue collar positions for Australians, ensuring their career in this sector is both stable and rewarding.

With the focus on safety and efficiency on the rise within these industries, blue collar workers are experiencing a surge of opportunities that will continue to grow as we progress through 2023

Manufacturing and Trades – the rise of skilled tradespeople

​Manufacturing and tradespeople have seen a resurgence in Australian jobs in the past few years. With the increasing demand for skilled and qualified trades, 2023 is expected to be a booming year for job opportunities in the manufacturing and trades sector. From electricians to mechanics, many roles are available to those already qualified and people wanting to upskill. Moreover, trade jobs offer more reliable career prospects and higher incomes than many other job avenues - something increasingly attractive to young Australians seeking stable futures within their job roles.​

Mining – a start to high salaries with further investment in resources

​2023 is shaping up to be a lucrative time to pursue mining jobs in Australia – salaries for blue collar mining jobs are high and continue to increase with further investment into the resources sector. It is expected that with the growing demand for mining exploration, many entry-level mining positions will become available, providing an ideal opportunity for people interested in starting their careers off with generous pay and solid job security.

Experienced mining workers stand to benefit from ongoing advances in mining technology and advancements in training programs and safety regulations, resulting in more competent and knowledgeable mining staff. As rewarding and financially advantageous career opportunities crop up across Australia's mining industry, those looking to join the field should keep an eye on the industry news – you could be earning fantastic wages while doing good work before you know it!

Manufacturing and Engineering – career growth opportunities in manufacturing

Manufacturing and engineering are booming fields in Australia that present incredible opportunities for career growth to those interested in blue collar jobs. Manufacturing is Australia's largest industry sector, accounting for 8.3 per cent of its employment, and there has been a growing demand for skilled manufacturing engineers. Manufacturing jobs typically offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits, often providing fantastic career development prospects for those willing to work hard.

Engineering is also rapidly growing in Australia, with large-scale investments in the resources sector allowing a variety of opportunities for experienced engineers to take their skills to the next level while contributing to their economic success. Intersected by both disciplines, manufacturers and engineers will find some of the best jobs available in Australia if they understand key industry transformations and have strong technical abilities.

Blue collar jobs in Australia in transport

Transport and Logistics – new technology in automotive services leads to more job opportunities within the road transport industry

With transport and logistics becoming increasingly sophisticated, new technology in automotive services is leading to great job opportunities within road transport. The transport industry employs thousands of Australians annually and is expected to grow in 2023 as the industry evolves with the rise of 3PL logistics and large transport companies seeking replacement parts, infrastructure upgrade specialists, auto electricians, forklift operators, dispatch supervisor roles and many more transport jobs.

This growth is an opportunity for workers in Australia to diversify their skillset, given the variety of transport jobs available. Workers looking to stay ahead of these changes should perfect their craft with comprehensive certifications or online courses to increase employability.

Agriculture – sustainable farming for more job openings

In Australia, agriculture jobs are set to be one of the most sought-after jobs 2023, with more sustainable farming opportunities becoming available. Therefore, agriculture-based jobs, such as crop production and vegetable farming, are increasingly in demand as they provide consistent income and job security, leaving those in the sector well-placed to reap the rewards. With better access to sustainable agricultural practices, the integration of traditional and modern ways of agriculture looks promising for job growth in this sector.

Overall, agriculture provides a bright future for those looking for an exciting career that allows them to make a substantial contribution towards a healthier planet.

Agriculture jobs in australia

In summary, the best blue collar jobs in Australia in 2023 will offer significant opportunities for those seeking a secure career with attractive salaries and significant job growth potential. Manufacturing and trades continue to rise as highly skilled positions, mining remains a source of high-salary growth opportunities, and engineering continues to grow with increased investment. The rise of transport and logistic technology has led to new job opportunities within road transport.

In contrast, agriculture has been made more efficient thanks to sustainable farming providing further openings to the sector. At TRS Resourcing, we understand that securing the correct position in blue collar roles can be challenging, so we assist in finding the most suitable job. Through our extensive database and experienced team, we are here to help your transition into one of these fantastic job opportunities become a reality. To build a career in one of these growing sectors, visit Blue Collar Jobs with TRS Resourcing today!

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