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Revised in 2022 - What does a labour hire company look for in candidates

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Have you ever wondered how to get a job through a labour hire or recruitment company? With so many businesses using recruiters to hire (you might have noticed the high number of ads on Seek from recruitment agencies), it's important to know how to stand out when applying for roles. Recruiters are always on the prowl to discover professional talent for their clients and to place those candidates within deserving roles. If you’ve been headhunted, wondering if you’ve got a chance for the role, or you just want an insight into the recruiting industry, keep on reading.

At TRS Resourcing, we know the ins and outs of labour hire and recruitment. As a leading recruitment agency in Melbourne and Perth, we've helped hundreds of job seekers gain employment with trusted Australian businesses. TRS Recruitment Consultants read resumes, hold interviews, and hire candidates every day. Our experienced team knows exactly what it takes to stand out, and what qualities will help you land the job you want.

What does a labour hire company do

Here's what a recruiter looks for in candidates:


A candidate should go into a meeting with a recruiter looking like they want the job. This means being well-groomed, maintaining eye contact, and expressing interest and energy. Depending on the role and industry you are applying for, your attire should appropriately reflect the environment you'd like to be working in. For more detailed advice, read TRS top tips on what to wear to an interview.

Nevertheless, the presentation goes beyond looks. Successful candidates will go into an interview radiating confidence and a keen desire to go to work. For some, this may be difficult to do, but even if it seems like they are trying, the effort will be acknowledge

presentation at job interviews

d by the recruiter and the candidate will be seen as an individual who puts in 100% even when under pressure.


Labour Hire firms will always favour candidates who demonstrate reliability. Candidates can demonstrate this attribute by picking up the phone when being called and reassuring promptness by providing a recruiter with necessary documents when asked for them.

These simple gestures will let a recruiter know that the candidate is someone who can be trusted and will be valuable to the client. Even if the job opportunity falls through, the candidate who has shown reliability or responsiveness (due to being under qualified or too far from a worksite, etc.) will be highly considered by the recruiter when another position arises more appropriate for them.


This one's a no-brainer. Being on time for an interview is the first way to demonstrate to a recruiter that you will be punctual for work. If a candidate has already shown tardiness in the interview process, this may lead the recruiter to believe that they will act similarly on the job and consequently, not recommend them to the client. If you're interviewing over the phone or Zoom, make sure you are prepared to answer the call on time in a quiet place where you can be heard clearly.


A positive attitude can get you a long way in your job search. If a candidate can present to a recruiter that they are willing to work hard, then they will be seen as someone who has a lot of potential with a client. If a candidate has a lot of work experience but not all the qualifications for the position, a recruiter may put in a good word to convince the client that this candidate demonstrates a great drive to work hard and should be highly considered.

And again, recruiters are always working with new clients, meaning many job positions are available. If a strong impression has been left by a candidate, they may get updates on new jobs as they arise, as the recruiter will keep them in mind.

trusted and reliable employees


Most of the time clients go to labour hire firms to find workers who have experience in a specialised field. If a candidate has the relevant qualifications or experience that matches what the client is looking for, then they will most likely be contacted for an interview.

If you're in a field that requires specific qualifications and licences, make sure you have all of your documentation up-to-date and ready to apply for jobs. This will make the process easier and ensure you aren't turned down because of missing certifications. If you’re just starting out your career, take the time to research what you will need to study before applying for jobs. It might be a university course or an apprenticeship or traineeship, so make sure you have accounted for this in your career plan.


This is one of the most important skills a candidate can have regardless of what industry they are applying for. If a candidate cannot communicate with their recruiter, how do they expect to communicate with their future employer and colleagues? A strong communicator will be able to understand what their employer wants and deliver on those expectations.

Businesses want to hire people who are able to work effectively in a team and mesh well with their company culture. A candidate who excels in communication will also be seen as someone who is able to take instruction well and someone who can build positive relationships with others. If you are able to communicate and collaborate with others, you'll be much more likely to land the job. Read more about the importance of soft skills such as communication, and develop your skills with Seek’s expert tips on being an effective communicator.

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