Architecture Jobs in Demand

Architecture Jobs in Demand

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Architecture Jobs in Demand

Architects shape the world we live in. A creative and fulfilling career path, working in architecture also demands a high level of technical skill. As populations and housing needs grow, the need for architects will only increase.

Architects design the spaces that we live, work, study, and socialise in, such as:

  • Office blocks and retail hubs

  • Educational and research institutions

  • Creative spaces and public gathering-spaces

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Architecture in Australia continues to be a well-paid and growing profession. There are particularly high paying roles on offer in Sydney NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and the ACT (depending on years of experience). The demand for architects is expected to rise in the coming years, with the rise in demand for architectural designed structures.

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It is a diverse field, with some choosing to specialise in areas such as heritage or sustainable architecture. Architecture employment can come from governments, private enterprise and large firms. Architectural companies in Australia range from small boutique studios to large multinational businesses. They also often provide drafting jobs and interior design jobs.

The process of designing a building contains numerous steps that are overseen by the architect. They are involved in the initial consultation with clients, drafting and designing, and construction of the building. Architects are usually familiar with software used to create detailed drawings and plans (such as CAD/CAM tools) for 3D rendering and animation.

They also need some knowledge to physical structures and engineering, in order to design buildable and safe structures. Construction projects require architects who understand the principles of building large-scale works. Architects also must be aware of building codes in their area. They then work with interior designers and property stylists to produce the final product.

Landscape Architects


Landscape architects specialise in outdoor landscapes such as parks, complexes, resorts, subdivisions of housing, residential and commercial sites, and schools. They plan and design the layout of these spaces to ensure functionality and sustainability.

They combine specialised knowledge of design, construction, and science in their work. Demand for Landscape Architects is predicted to remain very strong over the next five years. The number of landscape architects in Australia is less than architects, with around 3000 currently in the occupation.

High Demand in Australia

According to the Government's Job Outlook for Architecture, demand for architects and landscape architects will be very strong over the next five years. There are strong job prospects in the area, both for residential and commercial design.

Architecture qualifications

Architects are some of the highest paid professionals in the country. They possess specialised knowledge across a broad range of fields from design to construction and engineering. The average wage for architects in Australia is currently $1,674 per week, well above the national average.

In 2022, despite the effects of Covid-19 on migration, Australia's population is still projected to grow. This means a greater number of people requiring housing and infrastructure to live comfortably. It also means a greater demand for architects who can utilise their skill to create sustainable, aesthetically pleasing structures.

A greater need for architects also increases the demand for draftspeople (also known as draftsmen) in various industries. TRS has seen an increase in openings for drafting and draftsperson jobs over the past year. If you're interested in this career, check out this seek article on what it's like to be a draftsperson.

Architecture firms sometimes also incorporate an interior design studio. Australian interior designers can also expect very strong growth in their industry over the coming years. Our clients sometimes ask TRS to source an interior designer to join their team. View our Jobs page to see current openings.


Architects and Landscape Architects generally hold a Bachelors and Masters degree in their field. As a technically demanding job, it requires years of study before being able to work as an Architect. They must also be registered with the Architect's Board before being able to work in the profession.

If you're interested in becoming an architect, check out the Australian Institute of Architects Pathways to Architecture. You can also read this guide from Open Universities Australia on What a Career in Architecture Looks Like.

Skills and Knowledge

Architects spend years learning specialised knowledge in their field. Some of the main skills required by an architect are:

career in architecture
  • Technical Design (and associated software)

  • Communication and Collaboration (with clients and stakeholders)

  • Building and Construction

  • Compiling data and analysing plans

  • Preparing drawings and schematic design documentation

  • Drafting and preparing construction documents

  • 3D modeling

No CV? No Problem!

Your job search starts with a great CV. TRS is committed to helping you achieve your career goals, that's why we've developed a free CV generator. Create a professional and polished architecture CV in less than 10 minutes. You can also use our Cover Letter generator to write a cover letter suitable for any job application.

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