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Partnering with a Recruitment Agency

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​How partnering with a recruitment agency in 2022 can cut labour costs

​Productive and skilled workers make the workforce go around and are what makes delivering high-quality and consistent results to clients possible.

As such, labour costs have the capacity to make up a substantial proportion of your company’s outgoings. This is where a recruitment agency is essential to not only attract, but also retain the right talent, for the right roles.

Interested to find out how partnering with a recruitment agency can cut labour costs?


Labour Hire Melbourne

Embrace electronic solutions

In a rapidly changing, tech-driven workforce, it makes sense to embrace technological innovation in recruitment for optimal workforce management processes.
Why should you embrace electronic solutions to find and hire staff?

  • Electronic invoicing and automation of crucial tasks (applicant screening, reference checks and analytics) to name a few become far more streamlined.

  • Electronic efficiency negates the human error risk which may lead to financial implications.

Leading recruitment agency TRS Resourcing, keeps itself, clients and companies up to date with the latest tech developments, utilising the best electronic tools to optimise your workplace and workforce.

Increase your flexibility

In the workplace, flexibility should be encouraged and rigidity, diminished.

For many industries, fluctuations should, and likely will, dictate business output and therefore demand for staff.

To make the most out of your resources at all times, a recruitment agency will ensure flexible hiring options to align with supply and demand.

In turn, there will be a reduction in wasted resources, and unnecessary labour costs – too.

Read more from the Perth and Melbourne recruitment agency, TRS Resourcing, to find out.

Less advertising spend and tiresome admin

With so many job boards and platforms out there, advertising spend for job listings can quickly add up.

This can be an expensive approach to recruitment. Job agencies can drastically reduce the cost and time you spend advertising roles.

How can a recruitment agency help?

  • TRS Resourcing, a trusted Perth and Melbourne recruitment agency will be able to help you find the ideal applicants quickly, out of a proven talent pool.

  • This takes the guesswork, time and hard work out of advertising positions and sifting through the many applicants.

  • We also take care of your administration and include and easy onboarding process for candidates. This will decrease your labour costs as members of staff who were once (or were pitted to) take on these hiring roles, have the flexibility for other industry-specific tasks.

Yet, what is arguably the biggest labour cost to businesses that a recruitment agency can solve?

Say goodbye to bad hires

No business wants to hire the wrong applicant. It’s a waste of time and money for all involved parties.

Recruitment Agency Melbourne

By working with an established employment agency, you’re increasing your quality of hire due to a tried, tested and rigorous approach to screening, analysis and reference checking. When job seekers are presented through TRS, they have already proven that they are suitably qualified and have the right to work in Australia.

With the aid of recruiters who understand the Australian jobs market and possess years of experience, your business can find the right candidate now. Let us help you find the right role or the right candidate for your advertised role.

TRS Resourcing are committed to you with our continued support and clarity in communication.

We’re one of a kind with what we do, with unparalleled service for a better experience.

Unlock your potential with our labour hire solutions that work.

It’s all these reasons and more why you can rely on TRS Resourcing to reduce your labour costs.

Do you have a job in Perth or Melbourne that needs to be filled?

Contact TRS Resourcing today for exceptional recruitment services, every time.

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