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Industrial Spray Painting and Paint Blasting Jobs in demand

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Industrial Spray Painters

​Industrial Spray Painting and Paint Blasting Jobs in demand

TRS Resourcing is a leading technical blue-collar recruitment company in Australia. Our expert recruiters have helped hundreds of workers to find their next job.

If you are seeking a job in industrial spray painting/blasting, TRS Resourcing can help get you the perfect role. We recruit for jobs in Melbourne, Perth, and regional areas. There is a continual demand for spray painter roles with our industry-leading clients.

Industrial spray painting and paint blasting jobs are available now, and you can easily apply through our website.

While industrial spray painters make up a small part of Australia's workforce, they are essential in many manufacturing industries. In this blog, we will explore what industrial spray painters and paint blasters do, and their average salaries. We will also discuss the industries hiring spray painters and how you can find your next job.

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What do Industrial Spray Painters and Painter Blasters do?

Industrial spray painting is a process of coating large objects with paint using a specialised high-pressure spray gun. Industrial spray painting is typically used for automotive, furniture and fabrication, hardware manufacturing, or heavy equipment applications.

Paint Blasting is the use of media to strip a surface of its old coatings to prepare it for new paint. Industrial paint blasters use a media, or grit, to strip the surface being painted. The process is usually done with the aid of compressed air.

A blast of this grit removes old paint and rust by chipping or crushing the surface of the material. The sand blasting prepares the surface for laying on a new coating, and is usually done in a blasting chamber.
Industrial spray painters and paint blasters play a key role in many of Australia's manufacturing sectors. They use high-pressure air to apply protective coatings to surfaces. This protects them from weathering, corrosion, abrasion resistance and improve the appearance of the surface. Industrial spray painters are often required in manufacturing plants, metal fabrication workshops, automotive factories, engineering companies, and marine industries.

They are employed in various industrials sectors, including:

  • Automotive

  • Manufacturing

  • Infrastructure maintenance and refurbishment

  • Construction

  • Marine

  • Heavy Industrial

  • Mining and Oil

Industrial Spray Painters Jobs

What are the duties of an industrial spray painter?

TRS Resourcing works closely with industry leaders and has recruited for many spray painting roles. Some of the main duties associated with these positions include:
Colour mix and match paints

  • Prepare surfaces to be painted

  • Apply primer and finishing coats

  • Work safely with hazardous materials, fumes

  • Set out and interpret workshop drawings

  • Sand and Mask off

  • Cleaning nozzles and other equipment

  • Operating spray equipment

  • Use of industrial spray booths

Industrial spray painting is a physically demanding job that requires employees to be physically fit and able. Many of the tasks carried out require heavy lifting, such as moving and handling materials. It also involves standing and walking for long periods of time.

Spray painters also need to follow safety procedures. These include wearing protective gear and remaining in designated safety zones while spraying chemicals or clear finishes. Industrial spray painters use many chemicals that can be hazardous, such as thinners and paint strippers. With abrasive blasting, media blasting, and mobile sandblasting, safety procedures are also supremely important.

With experience and on-the-job training, spray painters utilize different equipment and nozzles to produce the desired finish. Industrial spray painters may also be required to have a strong knowledge of paint properties and how different paints behave. They understand the necessary painting techniques for various materials before using them on surfaces.

Key Knowledge and Skills

According to the Australian Government's job outlook for industrial spray painters, the five key areas of knowledge are:

  • Production and Processing

  • Mechanical

  • Customer and Personal Service

  • English Language

  • Mathematics (particularly ratios, percentages and basic geometry)

The Job Outlook website also outlines five key skills required:

  • Operation Monitoring

  • Operation and Control

  • Quality Control Analysis

  • Monitoring

  • Equipment Maintenance

Communication skills are also essential for workers of any trade. Spray painters must be able to work well in a team environment and organize transport logistics. They must plan and organize how their workspace will look, communicate effectively with team members and coordinate their efforts. Having these skills will help you stand out to potential employers.

Other relevant skills include time management, attention to detail, and good hand-eye coordination.

Our experienced recruiters can help provide job opportunities for dedicated individuals who are willing to work in fast-paced environments. With excellent customer service, TRS Resourcing can connect you with a future employer. Click here to read the testimonials from our candidates who have successfully found jobs with the help of our expert team.

Qualifications and Training

Most industrial spray painters/painter blasters in Australia have a relevant Certificate II or III or equivalent experience. Obtaining a forklift license will also be advantageous.
On-the-job training may be available at certain companies to suit their specific need.

There are also specialisations within the spray painting trade, such as powder coater and rust roofer that require further training.

The high quality painting service you supply is valuable to employers. Presenting your training, skills, and experience in a professional manner will help you stand out. A polished CV will speak for you. Use our free CV generator to ensure you are fully equipped in your job search.

Spray Painter Salary

According to the latest SEEK figures, spraypainters in Australia typically earn between $50,000 - $70,000 a year. This varies between industries, states, and levels of experience.

On Indeed, the average hourly wage for industrial spray painters is $38.13 based on 178 reported salaries.

At TRS, our reputable clients offer competitive salaries and full-time hours. We can help you find a job that both suits your needs and pays well. A fulfilling and rewarding career is just around the corner.
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Industrial spray painting is expected to maintain stable demand across Australia in the coming years. There are currently over 5000 people employed full-time in the industry. Our clients are industry leaders, and with the help of TRS, you can join their team.

Are you an experienced industrial spray painter or painter blaster looking for your next job? Are you seeking to enter the spray painting industry? Only working part time and looking for a full time position?
TRS Resourcing can help you find work that will suit your particular skills and experience. Simply browse our current job offerings here or contact our team today.

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