Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Demand

Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Demand

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Diesel Mechanic

​Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Demand

TRS Resourcing is a recruitment company in Perth and Melbourne that specialises in matching skilled blue collar workers with reputable companies across Australia. There is continued demand from our clients in the automotive industry for qualified diesel mechanics.

If you are a diesel mechanic looking for work or are considering becoming a diesel mechanic, you have come to the right place. This blog post will discuss what diesel mechanics do and why they are in high demand.

What is the pay? What skills do I need? How do I become qualified to be a diesel mechanic? We answer all these questions and more.

We will also talk about how TRS Resourcing can help make your job search easier by connecting you with the best employers in your area.

What is a diesel mechanic?

What is a Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics are motor mechanics who are experts in diesel motors. They can also specialise as automotive heavy mechanics, who work with heavy vehicles.

Diesel mechanics diagnose and repair all different types of problems: from an engine or transmission leak to repairing faulty electrical wiring or installing anti-lock brakes.

Diesel mechanics work on all different types of vehicles that use diesel engines, such as buses and trucks. Diesel engines are primarily found in large vehicles; however demand for diesel cars and light vehicles also exists. Approximately one in six Australians drives a diesel car, and they are consistently searching ‘diesel mechanic near me’ to find qualified servicemen.

They may also repair agricultural equipment like tractors and combine harvesters, or be trained to work with diesel generators. The construction industry, mining, transport, manufacturing industries, and others regularly require skilled technicians to repair diesel engines.

They are skilled in engine repair and have experience working on engines, transmissions, electrical systems and suspensions. They must also understand how different parts of a vehicle fit together mechanically so they can remove or install them correctly.

Diesel mechanics are needed across various sectors of the Australian economy, and many have successfully found work through a labour hire company such as TRS.

Demand in Australia

According to Government's Job Outlook for diesel mechanics, growth is expected to remain stable in the next five years. There are currently 7,000-8,000 diesel motor mechanics in Australia, who make up around 8% of all motor mechanics.

Demand is particularly strong in Western Australia, where the mining and resources sector is booming. Many heavy vehicles in the mining industry use diesel engines and therefore require the technical skills of a diesel mechanic to keep them running safely. As a leading recruitment agency in Perth, we service the mining industry regularly and know the job landscape inside and out. We provide a high-quality recruitment service to blue and white collar businesses, meaning we have the expertise to help you further your career.

How much do diesel mechanics make?

The latest ABS figures place the median salary for all motor mechanics at $1,436 per week. Indeed calculates the average wage at $45.90 based on salaries surveyed.

Working over 40 hours a week full time on average, there is considerable job security for diesel mechanics in Australia. There is significantly higher earning potential for diesel mechanics working in the mining and resources sector in WA.

What skills do they need?

All mechanics need technical knowledge about how engines work and how to fault-find and troubleshoot problems in parts. They must know how to use a wide range of tools to fit and maintain components.

It is also beneficial to possess the following skills:

  • Mechanical aptitude

  • Manual dexterity

  • Attention to detail

  • Electrical knowledge

  • Analytical skills

As with any role, communication and interpersonal skills also play a large part in a worker's attractiveness to employers. By working in a team and communicating effectively, you can become a valuable asset in any workshop.

How do you become a diesel mechanic?

Diesel motor mechanics usually begin their careers by completing an apprenticeship. Over the course of their apprenticeship they will learn hands-on skills and earn a Certificate III in the field. Apprentices can specialise in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology, Automotive Diesel Fuel Technology, or Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology if they are more interested in working with heavy vehicles.

For more information on becoming a diesel mechanic, check out this article from SEEK.

TRS Employee Apprenticeship Program

Are you interested in a career as a diesel mechanic? TRS can help you to find a job as an apprentice. A completed apprenticeship is often required for blue collar jobs and can be the perfect jump-off point for job seekers to build a fulfilling long term career.

Take the first step today by applying for a diesel mechanic apprenticeship. You can also read our step-by-step guide on How to apply for apprenticeships.

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Find a job today

Are you looking for a job as a diesel mechanic?

TRS Resourcing can help make your search easier by connecting you with reputable companies in Australia. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Melbourne and Perth, we’ve placed diesel mechanics, diesel fitters, heavy diesel mechanics, and many more working with diesel vehicles in jobs. We have the knowledge and experience to find a job for you too.

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