Boilermakers in Demand in Australia

​Boilermaker Jobs in Demand in Australia

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​Boilermaker Jobs in Demand in Australia

​TRS Resourcing is a reputable and longstanding Labour Hire Company with an excellent reputation with close to 20 years of experience in recruitment across Melbourne and Perth.

As a leading Blue-Collar Labour Hire Agency, we are committed to assisting Australian businesses and job seekers. With exceptional service, we help find jobs for Boilermakers, Fabricators, Welders, Spray Painters, Machinists, Forklift Drivers, Auto Electricians and more. In particular, our recruiters have placed countless boilermakers with industry-leading companies. Our jobs page lists current vacancies for welding positions in various locations across Victoria and Western Australia.

We always aim to place quality candidates with reputable companies who take pride in their work ethos, safety, training, and productivity achievements. This is why you can always trust our recruitment service. We only list jobs advertised by companies we know to be reputable and with a strong industry presence. This way, you can find the most suitable job for yourself.

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Boilermaking and MIG Welding

A Boilermaker is a tradesperson who cuts, assembles and welds steel to construct and repair metal products for boilers, ships, closed vats, iron or steel structures, and large vessels.

Boilermakers are also often required to upgrade boilers to meet environmental standards and increase their efficiency. Their skills are in demand all over the world, with Australian qualifications recognised internationally.

A boilermaker builds and repairs boilers and often works on-site with drawings and sketches, mapping out what is required. They must know where each piece of metal and all materials need to go.

In addition, they need a thorough knowledge of how boilers operate and understand fuels used in boilers and other boiler fittings such as control panels.
They have access to and understanding of various processes designed to maintain state-of-the-art boilers and accessories.

The major employer of boilermakers is the steel industry where they assemble, install and maintain storage tanks.

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What are the Skills of a Boilermaker?

Welding Mask Boilermaker

Australian boilermakers are skilled in all types of metalwork including cutting, shaping and welding. They require technical knowledge, dexterity, and an eye for detail to do their job well. These individuals must have excellent communication skills as they often work with other tradespeople. They must also provide great attention to detail, be able to work under pressure, and stand for long periods of time.

Boilermakers need to complete an apprenticeship and training to achieve competency status as a welding specialisation. They will usually complete a Certificate III or IV in Engineering Fabrication as part of their four-five year apprenticeship position. It is a physically demanding career that requires strength and stamina; however, it can also be extremely rewarding.

Alongside your technical qualifications, developing communication and interpersonal skills will put you in high demand with employers. It is important to be able to work as part of a team to plan and execute projects in the specific order you require them to be completed.

You can also increase your employability by presenting a professional CV that highlights your unique skills and experience. This will help to get your foot in the door to be noticed by potential employers. We offer a free CV generator on our website that is quick and easy to use.

Boilermakers in Australia

According to the Bureau of Statistics, structural steel and welding trades are in demand at this time. Skilled workers have access to myriad employment opportunities for MIG and TIG welders looking to get into boiler making and fabricating work. There’s never been a better time to work in this industry.

Industries hiring boilermakers and MIG welders include the Steel industry including Transport and Manufacturing. The mining, resources and energy sector also employs boilermakers/fabricators, which has seen continued growth in recent years. At TRS, our clients are often in need of experienced MIG welders to work on exciting projects.

Boilermakers can find work in a range of different industries, including:

Welding Jobs
  • shipbuilding and repairing

  • power generation

  • petrochemical processing

  • oil refining

  • food processing industry

  • construction

  • gas platforms

  • transport

Industry Overview

The metal fabrication industry plays a vital role in Australia's infrastructure and defence sectors. It fabricates products ranging from structural steel for buildings to tanks for military vehicles. Work also includes the repair of ships, transport equipment and other metal structures.

Workers in the metal fabrication industry are employed by various organisations, including specialist fabricators, engineering companies, large manufacturers, and defence forces. Demand is particularly strong in Queensland and Western Australia where the mining and resources sector is expanding.

A Growing Industry

​​In 2017, the welding industry was in decline. However, Government figures show that in 2020 there was strong growth, with an unemployment rate well below the national average. In 2021, and into the future, continued demand for boilermakers, welders, and other metal fabricators is expected. The Government forecasts continued growth in the next few years with employment opportunities across many industries, including shipbuilding and power generation.

If you are interested in a welding career but aren't sure where to start, you can find apprenticeships and programs by state or territory on this page.
TRS Resourcing also offers an employee apprenticeship program that is perfect for hard-working and driven individuals looking to start their trades career.


How much does a boilermaker earn?

According to Government figures, structural steel and welding trades workers earn on average $1,541 per week. Workers tend to start on a lower salary that will grow with experience and time spent in the trade. There are over 70,000 workers in the industry, with 91% securing full-time work. With many boilermakers needed for gas and oil refineries and boiler house constructions, the demand is high – particularly in Western Australia.

Boilermakers are also well placed to take advantage of employment opportunities within the resources sector. It continues its expansion into new areas such as shale gas and liquefied natural gas projects.

For boilermakers/welders in Australia, the sky’s the limit when it comes to job prospects within structural steel and welding trades. This is just another reason for boilermakers to find a job with TRS Resourcing, maximising their potential earnings.

Boilermakers and MIG welders have a bright future ahead of them when they come and work with TRS Resourcing!

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