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​Auto Electrician Jobs in Demand

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Auto Electrician

TRS Re​Auto Electrician Jobs in Demand

TRS Resourcing is a leading technical blue-collar recruitment company in Australia.

We connect valued Australian businesses with skilled workers in a variety of trades. Our expert team has helped countless mechanics, welders, spray painters, electricians, manual labourers, and many more to find blue-collar jobs.

Our industry leading clients are often in need of suitably qualified auto electricians to join their team. In this blog, we will discuss the career path of an auto electrician in Australia.

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What is an Auto Electrician?

Automotive electricians (sometimes known as automotive electrical fitters) are technical workers who specialise in automotive electrical systems. They install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment of all kinds on vehicles.

They help maintain fleets of vehicles and heavy vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, buses, and even ships. Auto electrical knowledge and technical skills are needed for almost every type of vehicle.

People interested in this line of work need to be skilled with their hands and intimately understand how these systems work. Auto electricians need to have the ability to read technical drawings and make calculations related to electrical systems.

Auto electricians work in a wide variety of settings, including automotive workshops and dealerships. Physical fitness is required for the manual labor involved in servicing the cars.

Auto electricians can expect a career that is both rewarding and secure.

Demand in Australia

According to the National Industry Insights AISC Automotive electricians work as part of the broader automotive industry, contributing over $35 billion to the economy.

Even with the close of automotive manufacturing in Australia, motor vehicle repair and maintenance alone generates a significant economic contribution. The automotive industry employs hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers a year.

The number of auto electricians fell dramatically from 2019 to 2020. However, much of this can be attributed to the impact of Covid-19. There is predicted growth in demand for auto electricians over the next five years, particularly in Western Australia.

There are currently around 2400 workers in the industry. While a relatively small workforce, all cars have electrical parts and will always need auto electrics services. Consumer demand for auto electrical services is evident - the top google search for the trade is “auto electricians near me”.

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Auto Electrician Salary

According to Talent Auto electricians in Australia earn an average salary of between $110,000 - $130,000 per year. As with many roles, this usually increases in line with the worker's experience. The entry-level auto electrician pay in Australia can range from $70,000-$80,000 a year, with substantial growth potential.

The vast majority of auto electricians work in a full time position, averaging 48 hours a week, according to Government figures.

Auto electricians are well placed to negotiate highly competitive salaries because of the skills and technical knowledge required in this field.