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Workplace Safety Blog
One of the main aspects employees come to work hoping for is their safety. A trustworthy business is one that ensures the safety of its staff. If a company can regulate up to date OH&S regulations, then they will be seen as accommodating and considerate to any staff or potential new employees.  
Here are some things to consider about Workplace Safety.


Companies should never overlook the safety of their staff. To operate a workplace that is considered safe and trustworthy, the business needs to look into whether or not they are meeting Work Health regulations. Not only can something unforeseeable happen in the workplace, but any breach of OH&S regulations can result in fines for corporate bodies of upward to $50,000.

Neglecting these types of responsibilities can lead to the closure of a workplace along with other hefty legal consequences. To avoid any of these events from occurring, getting a professional to survey the workplace and provide you with solutions to safety issues is crucial.

Did you also know that there are mandatory reporting requirements in the case of an incident? Failing to fill out such a form can also lead to legal action taking place and penalties given to individuals and businesses. Everyone wants to go to work, knowing that their employer is trustworthy and considerate of the safety of their employees.


Safety on the construction site is an understandably more high risk than safety at the office. The best way to assure that the construction site is the safest it can be is to utilise professional construction management services. They will help you to become aware of all the risks you and your workers face, resulting in a more trustworthy business.


TRS Resourcing makes an effort to visit the worksites of their clients to ensure that the candidates are working in safe conditions within the workplace. TRS has its own OH&S Professional that accompanies them on their visits. By doing this, TRS can ensure that employees are working in conditions that they deserve, making TRS Resourcing a trustworthy and safety concious Labour Hire agency.​

At TRS Resourcing, we take what we do very seriously, which is why we hold multiple certifications, memberships and accreditations using only the most reputable, ethical, and industry recognised corporations.

We’re highly certified in all we do.