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Recruiters are always on the prowl to discover professional talent for their clients and to place those candidates within a deserving role. Recruiting is a competitive and demanding domain of work, means recruiters will try to find the best candidates for their clients as candidates will subsequently reflect how reliable a labour hire firm is. If you’ve been headhunted, wondering if you’ve got a chance for the role, or you just want an insight into the recruiting industry, keep on reading. Here are some main aspects of what a recruiter looks for in candidates. 


Firstly, we should talk about presentation. A candidate should go into a meeting with a recruiter looking like they want the job. That doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a suit and tie; it just means wearing something that represents themselves as someone who cares about themselves. Nevertheless, presentation goes beyond looks. Favoured candidates will go into an interview radiating confidence and a keen desire to go to work. For some, this may be difficult to do, but even if it seems like they are trying, the effort will be acknowledged by the recruiter and the candidate will be seen as an individual who puts in 100% even when under pressure. 


Labour Hire Firms will always favour candidates that demonstrate reliability. Ways that a candidate can demonstrate such a subjective attribute is as simple as picking up the phone when being called and reassuring promptness by providing a recruiter with necessary documents when asked for them. These simple gestures will let a recruiter know that the candidate is someone that can be trusted and will be valued to the client. Even if the job opportunity falls through for the candidate that has shown reliability (due to being under qualified or too far from a worksite, etc.) when another position arises more appropriate for them, they will be highly considered by the recruiter. 


As mentioned prior, eagerness is an attribute that recruiters are fond for. If a candidate can present to a recruiter that they have a keenness to work hard, then they will be seen as someone that has a lot of potential with a client. A candidate may have a lot of work-experience though not have all the qualifications for the position. Still, a recruiter can put in a good word to a client to convince them that this candidate demonstrates a great drive to work hard and should be highly considered. And again, recruiters are always working with new clients, meaning many job positions being available and if a strong impression has been left from a candidate, they may get updates on new jobs for them to apply for. 


It’s always safe to be qualified for a position, this will contradict the last point, but qualifications will always look great on a CV. Though, so does work-experience. If a CV reads that someone has qualifications in Carpentry, Boilermaking, Heavy Vehicle Mechanics and Metal Fabrication that won’t matter if you don’t have experience in any of those fields. Most of the time clients go to labour hire firms to find workers who have experience in a specialised field. It might seem a necessity to have qualifications in contemporary times; favoured candidates will be those that have qualifications that are backed by years of experience. 

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