Transport Labour Hire

Transport Labour Hire

Transport and Logistics staff

​Transport and Logistics Labour Hire

Is your transport company thriving? Perhaps you are looking for your next staff member to join your team?  TRS Resourcing is here to help. We’ve been providing labour for jobs in the transport industry, and know how important it is to put the right person in the right role.

We are the experts for quality Labour Hire in Melbourne and Perth. Some of the logistics and warehousing operations roles we supply are:

🔵 Warehouse Staff

🔵 Pick Packers

🔵 Forklift Operators

🔵 Truck Drivers

🔵 Truck Trailer Fabricators

🔵 Truck Trailer Mechanics

🔵 Labourers

We know the Australian transport industry – our experienced Recruitment Consultants regularly work with clients in the sector, and can help you find the right candidate with the required skills and knowledge. Hiring through a Labour Hire company like TRS Resourcing for your logistics staff can save you time and expenses, and increase revenue and growth for your business. If you need transport jobs filled you can’t go wrong with TRS labour hire services.

Fill in your details and let us know your staff requirements, we will let you know how we can help. No obligation of course!

With close to 20 years of experience in Labour Hire, we are experts at supplying relevant and suitable candidates quickly and efficiently; this way, you can get back to what you do best - running your business. You can guarantee easy access and quick responses at any given time while still maintaining an individualised approach towards your business demands and requirements. 


When you work with TRS, you will receive a complete recruitment service, including advertising, sourcing, screening, and onboarding. We can help you source the best labour hire for any role from temp work, permanent placements, and casual to full-time positions. We have an extensive pool of available candidates and can source skilled staff for you with experience in the type of roles you need; warehouse staff, transport staff and more. If you’re looking for transport and logistics labour solutions, you can trust TRS to get the job done.

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