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Mining Oil & Gas Jobs

If you want to find a job in the mining industry, then there is no better place than TRS Resourcing. We can help you with jobs and resources that fit exactly what you're looking for. Whether it is oil & gas, mining exploration or labouring we will be able to present your application and CV directly utilising our database and networking channels.

The oil & gas industry in Australia is booming, which means mining companies are looking to expand their workforce with a range of new staff members. One of the most important aspects for any business is finding talented employees who can deliver quality results. Oil and gas companies need skilled labourers, often in a fly in fly out capacity. This puts job seekers in a great position to secure long term work in the oil and gas sector.

We have job openings in locations all around Australia and can help you find a career suited to your preferences and qualifications. Whether you want to work on an offshore rig, on the ocean floor or on dry land we can place you in a job that matches. If you have suitable skills and training then you've already got your foot in the door!

We will find you job opportunities that match your skills and experience with the company's specific hiring needs. Whether it is entry level, management or something in between we will work together to get you an opportunity to show how you are best suited for the role.

Mining Oil & Gas Jobs

Mining Oil & Gas Jobs We Recruit For:

  • Boilermakers/Welders

  • Heavy Duty Mechanics/Fitters

  • Drillers Offsiders

  • Truck Operators

  • Mining Operators

  • Labourers

  • Trades Assistants

  • Auto Electricians

  • Mechanical Draftsperson

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At TRS, we are always looking to assist skilled blue collar workers in finding manufacturing jobs. If you can't find a suitable opening on our jobs page you can stay updated with new positions, upload your CV and register for Job Alerts here.


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Mining Oil and Gas Jobs