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Hayleigh Woollason

Hayleigh Woollason

Senior Recruiter

03 9917 3545
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About Hayleigh

Hayleigh brings a skilful approach to client care for both clients and candidates in the technical blue-collar recruitment role.

You will find Hayleigh expertly connecting the right candidate to the right client for manufacturing, boilermaker, mechanical fitting, welder, trade assistant and auto electrician roles.

Her background in tourism, and bachelor’s degree in Music has enabled Hayleigh to conduct ethical, professional and demonstratable results in talent acquisition and sales.

As Hayleigh states herself, there’s a rhythm of recruitment and reading resumes is much like reading music. When you read music, you visualise how it will sound. When you read a resume, you visualise how a person will work and fit the job requirements. When you’re ready to find or fill a position, Hayleigh is all ears, guaranteed.

Like many, Hayleigh experienced and understands uncertainty in the workforce. In the early months of 2020, she too, pivoted towards a new line and opportunity in work, welcoming an exciting position in the wonderful world of recruitment.

How will Hayleigh help you?

  • With keen interest in and motivation to support Australian manufacturing

  • Commitment to helping people get into roles that suitably fit their skillset, but also their wants, needs and experience.

Hayleigh is an asset to our close-knit recruitment team due to her creative, approachable and challenge-seeking personality. Take a look at what clients and candidates alike have to sayabout working with Hayleigh. Discover how Hayleigh’s professional and informative, creative and supportive work ethic in all that she does will benefit you.

Hayleigh Woollason Best Recruiter 2022

"Hayleigh has been excellent to deal with always following up
and extremely pro-active."

- Stephen, Employer

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Recent LinkedIn Articles written by Hayleigh Woollason

Reading Between the Lines – The Rhythm of Recruitment

As a recruiter, you may think my days are mundane, filled with scanning resumes and sourcing the perfect fit for the perfect role; they’re much the opposite. In fact, there’s actually a creative madness to this method (as opposed to a method to the madness). I love what I do, and it’s all made possible when I draw upon my musicality to help me in my day-to-day recruitment role. It’s in how I master my music theory and transfer these skills into recruiting placement practice.

Here’s how I read between the lines and discover more about the rhythm of recruitment.

Hayleigh Woollason - TRS Resourcing Senior Recruiter