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George Mann

Recruitment Manager

(08) 6205 3570
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About George

​As Recruitment Manager, George is an integral member of the TRS Resourcing team.

George specialises in resourcing in the blue-collar, industrial, transport and mining industries for temporary and permanent placement throughout Australia.

"In a really short time, I went from Scottish Champion to World Champion, from my hometown of Glasgow to now, Australia. I have pursued my dreams and have faced some of the biggest names in the world of Muay Thai.

While working my way up the ladder, I have compiled an excellent professional record, not just personally, but by developing a solid reputation within various resourcing sectors since 2015.

My involvement in recruitment oversees my experience for project-specific requirements in temporary and permanent arrangements for contractors throughout WA.

I have resourced for industries within Technical, Industrial, Mining, Commercial Fit Out, Commercial Construction plus Administration. "

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