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Effective Staffing Solutions And Support

Looking for labour hire support?

Say goodbye to stress and excessive labour-hire costs. Say hello to TRS Resourcing.

As a business owner and industry leader, you know that staff you can trust, who are the right people for their roles, are an integral part of helping your business grow.

We’re a leading Blue-Collar Labour Hire Agency, committed to assisting Australian businesses likes yours, with an exceptional recruitment service that delivers all that and more.

Highly effective solutions, with continued support, commitment, communication and a focus on culture is what you can expect from TRS.

We care about Australian industries and the businesses within them and pride ourselves on providing effective service and support.

Solve your staffing concerns and discover the difference, with TRS Resourcing.

Staff solutions for your industry

​Tailored staffing services and support for your industry, ensuring the right people for the right role, comes from taking the time to get to know you, your business and industry.

​Some of the many Australian industries we support with specialised labour hire:

        • Trades & Services

        • Engineering

        • Manufacturing

        • Mining

        • Transport Logistics

        • Building & Construction

        • Defence, Emergency & Security

        • Agribusiness & Farming

        • Warehousing

        • Food Processing


Supplying you with only the best staff

​No matter your business or industry, our experience and expertise will help source you the right staff, for the right role. As we grow, so does our database and our ability to find the best candidates for you.

​Some of the many positions we fill with only the best candidates:

        • ​Boilermakers

        • Welders / Body Builders

        • Fabricators

        • Auto Electricians

        • Truck Trailer Mechanics

        • Prime Mover Mechanics

        • Heavy Duty Diesel Fitters

        • Industrial Spray Painters

        • Drillers

Proudly Supporting Australian Businesses like yours

We proudly support the Australian Manufacturing Industry and Australian businesses like yours with an exceptional recruitment service.

Our mission and commitment is to help Australian businesses grow through building sustainable, long-lasting relationships.

With effective Labour Hire and ongoing support, we help increase productivity and growth in businesses, for the better. The right people in the right roles, makes for a strong team, a happy culture and loyal employees.

We’re here to support your business and connect you with quality personnel, through continued best practice, trust and expertise.

Take a look at the video below. This is what we film for our clients, are just one of the many things that make us different. This is a walk through the workshop of one our valued clients, Liquip Victoria.

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Resourcing for Australian businesses, with a difference

​At TRS Resourcing, we stand out from other recruitment and labour hire agencies, because we’re different – for the better.

Employee Apprenticeship Program

TRS Resourcing’s Apprenticeship program will give candidates opportunities to develop the necessary skills that a workplace requires, with the potential learn and grow their talent and in return the perspective to thrive within your workplace on the specific industry, techniques and procedures.

Download our Apprenticeship Program Infoflyer here:

​Flexible Payment Options

​You deserve flexible payment options, so we offer extended payment terms, while assisting cashflow support for your business. Our rates are fair and competitive, helping you maximise productivity and us provide highly qualified and dedicated workers.

​Quality Assurance

You can count on an extremely efficient on-boarding process and the most secure and reliable fit for your team.

All TRS staff come with comprehensive and authorised VEVO background checks, essential induction and e-learning, and official licence and ticket management - Delivering the most accurate background checks and information of job seekers. Working with WorkPro, means we’re able to provide simple and streamline workplace compliance.

StaffSure Certified

​Did you know that TRS Resourcing are the only StaffSure Certified independent recruitment company in Australia?

When partnering with a StaffSure Certified agency like us, you can feel confident in knowing you’re in safe hands, through independent auditing against an industry-specific standard - only professional businesses with commitment and integrity are StaffSure Certified.

​​These are just a few of the reasons we’re different and the answer for your staffing needs.

Extensive experience, for extensive trust

​Above all, we bring extensive experience in the world of blue collar, technical blue collar and industrial recruiting.

​The best labour hire companies ensure the staff they provide are not only fully qualified and certified, but that they’re the right fit for the company too. Culture fit is important, which is why we take the time to understand your business’s culture and core values when choosing a candidate for you.

​We source trustworthy and reliable candidates who undergo the required training with the necessary certifications, allowing them to work in sync with your team, for the right fit.

Whether your business is in the Engineering, Manufacturing or Mining industry, you’re looking for Drillers, Boilermakers, Fabricators or something else, we will help you find them while you focus on your business.

Talk to us today. We’re here for you

Are you receiving the same benefits from your Labour Hire Company?

At TRS Resourcing, we do things differently and we’re all about how our client’s benefit.

Tavis Shearer, Director of TRS Resourcing has specialised in your area of Labour Hire for close to 20 years.

Learn the benefits behind the success that other companies are enjoying when they partner with TRS Resourcing and ask yourself:  

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Has your business been affected by COVID-19?

We are here to help..

We understand that Australian businesses in many industries are going through significant changes due to COVID-19. We’re here to help you through this time.

​Along with complete and relevant WHS guidelines and screening processes for all TRS staff, we’re following instructions and all precautionary procedures provided by government and health authorities.