3 tips for a standout CV

3 Tips to Write a Standout CV

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Blog 3 Tips To Write A Standout Cv

3 Tips to Write a Standout CV

You see a job listing for a position that you really want, and as much as you wish and hope, you won’t be the only applicant. So, how can you possibly make your CV stand out from the tens, if not hundreds of other CV’s that the employer or recruiter will see?

Well, there’s some helpful CV writing tips you can utilise, to better your chances of getting an interview.

Read more from the labour hire specialists at TRS Resourcing in Perth and Melbourne, to discover 3 tips to write a standout CV.

Go for a strong start

With the amount of CV’s hiring managers and recruiters receive day in and day out, you can’t really blame them for not reading every single word. That’s why it’s crucial you start off strong and stand out straight away.

Here’s how:

  • Outline (succinctly) a clear objective that tells the person reading what you’re looking for.

  • Remember that vague objectives get you nowhere.

  • Blue collar applicants should consider writing a summary outlining the skills and credentials thelabour hiremanager is seeking.

What should you include in this summary?

  • Your professional or trade specialty

  • Relevant certifications, licences and/or permits

  • Important skills that reflect industry keywords

  • Years of experience in the industry

  • The machinery and/or equipment you are capable of operating

  • Any of your top career accomplishments.

Make magic of the middle

A strong start in your CV will encourage the hiring manager or recruiter to keep reading. So, the middle of your CV is now your opportunity to make your skills and accomplishments shine.

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself these questions (and put the answers in your CV):

·Have I won any awards for your previous work performance?

·When have I completed work consistently with no errors or negative feedback?

·Have I trained any new employees?

·Which strategies have I suggested and implemented that enhanced efficiency and/or productivity?

·Is my reputation known for reliability? Anything else impressive?

Some of us struggle to talk ourselves up, however it’s important that a CV is essentially a marketing piece of yourself!

We’ll help you land the blue collar positions you want.

Finetune your application

A CV should be clean, clear and concise…with no strange fonts or colours.

Do this by using plain English that gets your point across quickly. Of course, it’s recommended to use the industry specific keywords too (in the correct way, of course).

Finally, proofread for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Spellcheck and Grammarly can help here. Also, having someone else read over your CV will give you any important feedback.

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